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Jan JW – Chief Photographer

Jan has been a wedding photographer since 2011, and has started his own brand and production studio three years ago.  At the start, Jan was fond of the moody cinematic style. While believing that every picture should be perfect, he chose to spend a lot time in refining every detail and posture in the past, until an older family member asked why the couples in the pictures did not look as delighted as in real life. With this revelation, Jan strives to portray the candid moments and spontaneous highlights of a couple’s day with a joyful touch of brightness and happiness in the pictures. 

To Jan, photography is about capturing moments in life with the most beautiful mix of lighting and shadows. Such capture makes the most precious memories in life eternal and long lasting.  Jan is particularly fond of taking pictures with couples’ grins and smiles because it is his belief that joy is one of the elements that ties the wedding knot. While Jan’s old works were more focused on expressing personal style and may lack the heart-warming grins, he has now mastered the balance in capturing the classy acts with a touch of warmth and laughter. 

Compared with pre-wedding portraits, Jan is keener on delivering his passion for the Big Day. As there is only one-take on this special day, it takes extra concentration and focus yet Jan is the man who enjoys how these spontaneous highlights bring about the true revelation of emotions. 

While most wedding in the past one year or so cannot be undertaken in a normal manner amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Jan were especially impressed and touched by several small-scale weddings.  Micro-weddings confined by a smaller venue, and attended by only close family members and friends, are actually easier to bring about the closeness in each participant. This unprecedented intimacy between individuals has left Jan pondering the need of those large-scale wedding banquets, and it is now clearer to him that sharing such important moments with the true loved ones is what matters. 

Before turning himself into a professional photographer, Jan was an IT software engineer.  The routine dealing with the lifeless codes and programme is apparently a stark contrast to being a photographer at pre-wedding and big day events. 

Jan is always taking an earnest and serious approach towards his work.  It is his usual practice to fix a timetable and he would also conduct site visits if those are some unfamiliar locations he has not been to.  Jan believes that sufficient preparation would always yield good returns and shall result in a smoother rundown and quality pictures in the end. 

Wedding photography is a job demanding great responsibility and commitment.  Jan recalled that a few years ago, he insisted to undertake a big day photography session on a boat despite having fever for more than one week.  The rough weather on the boat made him suffered but Jan insisted to finish his tasks at the wedding banquet that evening.  His situation had further worsened afterwards and Jan was admitted to the hospital with diagnosis of nephritis that took him 5-day bedrest. “Luckily there was no Big Day session during my hospitalization, otherwise it would be disastrous for the couples to learn at the last minute that their desired photographer has been replaced by another obscure one.”  In the face of sickness, Jan is still putting his clients first. 

In the past, Jan’s heavy working schedule inevitably meant a loss of bonding with his family, especially his son.  Now with the “fortune” of a less tight schedule, Jan can now achieve a much better work-life balance and this brings him closer to his son.  While hoping to take professional photographer as his life-long job, he fully understands he may no longer have the necessary energy and physical strength to do so as he is getting older.  Anyhow, Jan enjoys what he could still manage to do now and chooses to live in the moment. 

Jan is grateful to every client, every working partner and every job he took.  He emphasized that it was his old partner who taught him all the comprehensive and broad-based skills for photography which helped to set up the solid foundation of his in providing quality work.  


The appreciation from couples and relatives is also the driving force for Jan to persevere all the way. Jan’s life motto is “Anyone who believes in himself can do anything.” Jan has lived out this spirit in his career.

“I should probably be a coffee barista if I am not a photographer.  Jan thought that hand-dripping is like photo-taking. “Selecting coffee beans is much alike choosing a specific photography style.  Even for the same coffee bean, the smell and taste could be different because of the amount and temperature of the water used, and the skills of the barista may vary.  This is very much the same as photography.” Photographer like Jan, who is rigorous and sensitive to details, is a rare gem found in the commercial market, and it should not be an exaggeration to call Jan an “artisan”.



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