Pre Wedding

The pre wedding photographic sessions are often the first contact between Jan and the couple that will soon be married.
Pre-wedding photography sessions are where the bond between the photographer and the couple begins. In case you are not used that someone takes professional photos of you, then the pre wedding session will help you reduce the fear of having a camera in front of you.

When should I do the pre wedding photo session?

We suggest that you do the pre wedding session about half year before the wedding day.

Where can the pre wedding session be performed?

Outdoors, Beach, Countryside, Mountain, Corners or Charming Villages, Urban, and some unique architecture etc…
We will suggest places, but the last word will always be yours, depending on your tastes and the time you can devote.

Any other concerns?

It will be a relaxed session, and what we can assure you is that we will create a relaxed atmosphere, and we will do what is necessary for the laughter to emerge and we will capture some photos that reflect your naturalness and that are at the same time elegant and suitable for the occasion and in short, that captivate you. Some simple poses are required but no worry we will have very clear instruction to you to achieve easily.

Wedding photography packages

Wedding day (Big day)

Pre-wedding in Hong Kong


All our standard packages for Hong Kong have no hidden cost, unless there’s overtime or early charge. Our regular service hour is from 0830-2330.  All retouched photos will be returned in JPEG format. 

Wedding day photo developments usually take 8 to 16 weeks (low season & peak season). For videos editing it takes beween 12 and 20 weeks. 

Pre-wedding photos editing and development usually take around 4-8 weeks after the shooting.

We encourage online confirmation just because we want to save more time to concentrate in our work and development. You will not have any service degrade for both your wedding day (big day) and pre-wedding service if you confirm online. 

Basic retouching mainly is about color and photo atmosphere editing. Fine retouching includes body and skin smoothing, body slimming, removal of items, etc. 

We suggest to have three locations in total. One of the location could be in studio, which can have some clean and simple portrait shots right after the make up. Then we can go ahead for some outdoor pre-wedding shots. 

As long as the shooting happens within normal working hours (0830-2300), you can have a maximum of two hours outdoor portrait shooting session. We shall have a short meeting before the wedding day and go through the rundown for this arrangement. 

Feel free to take a look at our rate card from the below link

If you take the big day and the pre-wedding package, you will receive  a 20% discount of the pre-wedding shooting. You can enjoy up to $8580 discount if you confirm everything together through online confirmation!