Melissa & Alvin

A really long delayed review.

Jan’s professional team worked seamlessly to deliver quality work that did not fail expectation. Everything was smooth and on time and personally, thank you for bringing me a sense of calmness on a hectic day with your professionalism. We have really enjoyed viewing the wedding day snapshots, They had carefully captured moments and expressions of us and our guests which we would have otherwise missed. The wedding day and the people were realistically and beautifully captured in frames that tells a coherent story. I would recommend their service.

Thank you once again for the beautiful pictures.

Cecilia & Nam

This is a much-delayed recommendation, I have kept this gem to myself and family, friends for way too long! The whole experience with the team is fantastic! They took their time and patience to get to know us. They listened to us carefully and provided their advice. They thoughtfully provides their service based on our needs and works in partnerships with our wild ideas!!!!!!!!! They definitely captured lots of precious and sparkling moments for our wedding day!! AMAZING team to work with!! HIGHLY recommended for all couples to are considering Jan for their big day/pre-wedding. There’s no need to THINK! Make an appointment and get to know Jan Pictures team. After that, there’s only one decision, hire them! You won’t regret it!

Crystine & Eric

好開心最後都係選擇了Jan Pictures 成為我們的攝影師!我知道我們的相遇係有點特別,Maybe你並不是咁諗😅😅不過,我卻深信這是緣份的安排…是上天指引我們找到你,在我們的結婚中擔當攝影師的重要角色,是你及你專業的團隊,將我們結婚當日所有的感動時刻,透過相機一一紀錄下來…當日拍攝的情況,大家完全不會覺得不自在,是你們專業的指導,搞笑的作風,令整個拍攝過程都變得輕鬆,大家都可以真情流露,雖然我地當日喊到豬頭咁,但你都可以將我們最靚的一面拍下來…多謝你…非常期待最後的成品😍😍
由收到開始,我自己已經loop左10次或以上個slide show😂😂

Katherine & Shinichi

選擇這位攝影師Jan Pictures,是我最正確的決定❤️有心有力有技巧!構圖有角度!拍出不平凡的美❤️😊


Janice & Paul

The whole experience of taking pre wedding photos with Jan Pictures was amazing. Jan’s team worked in calm and relaxed style, yet took care every little bit of details. Having them to be your photographer, you won’t feel a bit stressed or exhausted for sure even after a day of shooting. Their effort on showing us the poses was also exceptionally appreciated (very helpful for those having difficulties in controlling facial and body expressions like us XD). After all, our photos came out exactly as we expected: natural, elegant and beautiful. We are very much looking forward to having Jan Pictures again on our big day =]!!!!

Slok & Peter

從無質疑過我自己既眼光😁, 我真係無選錯攝影師


雖然暫時只係睇左少少photo slide show,但Jan Pictures 拍出黎既snap張張我都好中意, 點解你可以拍到咁真情流露😂😍 真係唔知你記時偷影左咁多靚既畫面。每次望番就好似會即使勾起番當日既畫面咁。


Jan crew做野永無托手爭,好專業,執相好有效率。


Jackie & Kyle

Jan is the man – did a phenomenal job photographing our wedding. He’s relaxed and very accommodating, both of which are hugely important on the day. He was actually ill on the day of our wedding and still showed up at 6am to put in a 14-hour shift like a boss. The photos came out great, and if you’re looking for his signature portrait shots, you’ll find no one better than Jan. I got no hesitation recommending Jan to anyone after a great photographer

Kiann & Keith

wedding day testimonials

Dear Jan Pictures,

We are really lucky we have found you. You are an amazing photographer and wonderful person. Thank you so much for being part of our wedding and capturing these precious moments that we will never forgot. We must say you have made everything so easy for us – before, during and after the wedding. You made us laugh, saw us cry (joy tears, of course :)) and captured every special moment during the wedding. You bring a very special touch to every picture you take and it was so much fun working with you. You had so many creative ideas and we are simply amazed by the outcome – so natural and honest pictures. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your crew and we hope to stay in touch. We will always remember our wonderful time and can not thank you enough.

Kiann & KaWai

Selia & Arnold

big day testimonials

選擇攝影師,從來應該從3方面著手: 攝影眼、經驗、熱誠。阿Jan Pictures係3方面都係無懈可擊。
Big Day當日因為各種原因令時間非常倉卒,係有限既時間同空間入面,佢地只係需要要小小時間,就將一d非常普通既空間影得如詩如畫(當然係連埋我地啦),無一雙觸覺異常敏銳既攝影眼係做唔到呢個結果既。
多謝Jan Pictures,多謝你地用左咁多心機同時間幫我同老婆影左咁多靚相,好想快d有相睇。
#JanPictures #婚照 #別無他選 #性價比異常高

Irene & Kenny

wedding day testimonials

Great to have Jan Pictures team on my big day. Captured our every blissful moments. Thank you so much for your professional team. Photos touching me a lot💕

Sandy & Edge

wedding day testimonials

每個親朋好友睇到宴會當天既相同video,每一位既回應都話好感動,到我收到相既時候,嘩!真係好touch! 終於明白咩叫相片感動人


Julie & John

wedding day hk testimonials

It is simply gorgeous to work with Jan Pictures team for our whole wedding day. It was a freezing and cloudy day last Saturday. Yet I can still wholeheartedly feel the professionalism and enthusiasm of the team. The effect of the photos is beyond expectation. It did not just please us newly wed, but also our parents for their charming photos as well! Here we would like to thank again Jan’s team for such amazing work!

Winky & Alex

wedding day hk testimonials

Dear Jan Pictures, thank you for your team’s great work!! We are deeply grateful to have you capturing one of the most precious moments in our lives. The guests were impressed by the beautiful photos, many were touched by the heartwarming video! On such a hectic day, you have kept me and Alex grounded with your fun-loving personality. The support you have given us goes beyond a photographer’s job. Thank you again and we wish you all the best!

Kerry & Kevin

big day hk testimonials


Thank you Jan and his crew for all the lovely pictures taken on our special day. Jan is super nice and professional, the same day slideshow was definitely a highlight at our banquet and was complimented by many. thanks again!! 

Joyce & Ryan


Jan and his crew are very professional and enthusiastic on my big day shootings. They tried their best to capture precious moments with different angles and stylish arrangement!

Vega & Colin

big day hk testimonials


Wow! I am absolutely thrilled by my wedding pictures!! Thank you Jan and Team for capturing our wedding day in such a stunning way. Your use of light and choice of location at the venue produced images which are just amazing. You made us feel relaxed and it was so fun having our formal photographs taken. The team was calm and professional at all times. I highly recommend!

Aman & To

big day hk testimonials



Thanks Jan

Debbie & Lincoln

big day hk testimonials

當籌備結婚嘅時候心目中已經有心水用邊間videography,喺佢介紹之下俾咗幾位photographer我,我同我先生都咁啱一齊揀咗Jan. 喜歡佢拍攝的手法,喜歡佢對光暗嘅拿捏,喜歡他的風格。結果無令我失望,好多賓客都鍾意相片出黎嘅效果,兄弟們都讚不絕口!多謝Jan嘅團隊令我嘅大婚日子錦上添花。我極力推薦! 將來如果有BB同生咗,一定會搵阿Jan再影相! 影結婚相?搵阿Jan啦!影家庭照?搵阿Jan啦!影BB相?搵阿Jan啦!再次感謝!你哋要繼續努力呀!加油!!

Mei & Wai

big day hk testimonials

Thanks Jan! I feel so lucky to find you and your team to be the photograhers of our big day. From the photo-taking time to same day slideshow, the style of your work can let our families feel that they are a part, a very important part of the wedding. My husband and I had a memorable time on our big day, so as our families! The photos are stylish and captured many lovely facial expressions and lovely moments, the slideshow amazed so many of our guests, even for those who seldom put there thumbs up!

Eva & Jeff

big day hk testimonials


難忘,是我們對自己婚禮的感受,我想也是我們賓客的感覺。尤其是當老公同老爺當天的chok 相show 出來的時候,滿場親友都歡呼及拍掌。美麗的相片很多人都會影,但相片引起共鳴感並不是人人都做到,Jan 及整個團隊便做到了!多謝Jan!

Yoppie & Lan

wedding day hk testimonials

Thanks Jan and his crew!! We love them so much!! They are really patient and professional!! I could feel their passion to take beautiful photos of us!! Photos are natural and gorgeous! My parents and friends love their same day slideshow very much!! 

My guests even yelled out loud for the stunning slideshow!! No kidding! It’s true! 

I am so lucky to have chosen Jan’s crew for my big day photographer!!

Thank you so much!!!

Janet & Sam

wedding day hk testimonials

Jan and crew : 我前日結婚,我今日就己經好想多謝你同你嘅同事. 好想多謝你哋嘅努力!

結婚之前,我好喜歡你影相嘅風格,好特別,光暗好靚。所以我選擇你地幫我拍Big Day。

結婚前開會,我問你地我咁嘅rundown,你地食唔食到lunch 𠺢 . 你就話” 得𠺢啦 !! 放心啦 ! 我地為左影相,捱到𠺢!” 開完會,我同凖老公講掂啦!一定掂呀,我有預感會得𠺢 !”結婚之前要開多會,哩我會會令我好安心,因為你提左我好多嘢 !

到Big day啦,我更想多謝你地嘅拍攝態度,你地短時間融入我D 兄弟姊妹同同企人 !

大家都被你影得好自然 。

我家姐之後同我講返:Jan 你見到日落,就叫我同老公睇下有冇時間,補完㛇就出去把握機會影 ! 我好相信只會有心機嘅攝影師先會咁做。仲有呀,助手同另一個影standard 相攝影師都好好 🙂 佢好好又好快手幫我排好一行十人嘅姨媽姑姐影group photos!我知控制佢哋好難 ! 辛苦哂 !

我老公話 :”時間同場地都好局限嘅情況之下,都創造到好好嘅作品 !多謝 ! “

我冇試過其他big day photographer 𠺢!都希望唔駛再試 :p 。我好想好好寫一個review 比Jan 同你嘅crew !! 我好好好enjoy 睇你影嘅big day相 ! 我真係好欣賞你地嘅攝影態度 !多謝:)))))))

Michelle & Tung

wedding day hk testimonials

Jan, 信心既保證!!!睇完你幫Lok仔影既相,我馬上決定搵你影Pre wedding&Big bay! 到Pre wedding果日,係馬灣行到果片濕地,滿地泥濘,垃圾,就係為左張靚相,果一刻,我更肯肯定我既選擇!專業兩個字真係唔足夠黎形容你!我真係詞窮。。。初初有d怕同溝通(因為通常d大師都有藝術家脾氣), 但你唔止fun, 仲玩得傾得,笑容仲多過我。。。(我比較擅長黑面-_-)

Pre wedding收到相,仲要好快有!Jan, 你影d相唔駛執架!光與影都在你掌心裏!

Big day來了!Jan, 傑,Luis, Suki, 再一次多謝你地!SDE & Slide show睇到大家嘩嘩聲! 凡人變公主,路人變王子!同時又拍到最真情流露,最珍貴既一刻!影大合照最難頂,我都笑到硬哂,傑都戴著笑容一一完成!辛苦哂! 非常期待收到big day既P&V! 再一次多謝你地!

Wanda & Arch

big day hk testimonials

很開心難忘的一天, 感謝Jan 同Keith, Suki這隊無敵的Crew, 不畏陽光和斜玻, 又願意幫助所有賓客的意願, 好多謝你們…nice photos for me and Arch so does our family and guests….

You guys are Professionals, surely I will recommend to my friends and others

繼續加油期待收相呀… Surely with lots of good memories !!!

Jazmin & David

wedding day hk testimonials

 hv compared quite a few other photography teams before finally choose Jan, proves it was a brilliant decision made! My husband and I didn’t hv much experience when comes to shooting, Jan and his team are very professional and patient in helping us through. We hv enjoyed ourselves so much, it surprised me that my husband didn’t even complain.. Haha.. Best of all, the production and final output is totally mind-blowing..We look at it again and again.. Simply love it! Big thanks to the team 🙂

Ariel & Milo

wedding day hk testimonials

❤️真係好多謝你地^_^wedding個日天氣唔好雖然無太陽係咁落雨影唔到好陽光既感覺但你地影完岀泥完全係我想像唔到既感覺 d相真係好靚我同成家人都好鐘意!好多謝你地有無比既耐性對住d煩到嘔既親戚朋友都好有耐性好nice影到靚唯止,同埋我個人唔係好識對住鏡頭笑微笑露齒笑都好唔自然之前per wedding其他攝影師都唔會比我大笑同d好自然既相 而你地就全部捕捉晒我同老公都好鐘意見到我大笑到擘大個口得個lone既樣☺️睇番段slide show d相好有feel 而家睇番仲會好感動.真係好感激你地幫我紀錄左呢個咁重要既日子 溫馨感動有型歡樂都紀錄晒落泥☺️多謝你地

Grace & Herman

big day hk testimonials

小弟對攝影都好有要求, 我成日覺得, 如果我結婚的時候, 我請回來的攝影團隊, 他們做到的事, 我自己都做到的話, 咁我點解要請佢地呢?
到兩年前 我有個好兄弟搵左JAN 的攝影團隊, 當時見到佢地的製成品,當晚婚宴的Slide show, 我同在場的賓客已經睇到 “嘩嘩聲”, 個刻我已經諗, 到我結婚的時候, 我一定要搵佢地, 
之後到我真係計劃結婚的時候, 我立刻打電話比jan 佢地, 好感恩在我婚禮中請了他們做我的攝影團隊, 我欣賞他們的細心, 和對作品有要求, 所有取材盡都是自然, 自然的光, 又捕捉我地的真情流露, 到我夜晚播slide show 的時候, 我也從來沒想過我爸爸可以咁有型, 我和家人的相片可以咁溫馨, 我聽到賓客的反應, 和見到我爸爸媽媽睇片的笑容, 我就知道我請jan 佢地黎幫手, 呢個決定係無錯的, 因jan 他們的相片能令我的婚禮更難忘!
jan, 我和我太太都多謝你地!! 
係到極力推薦JAN 的攝影團隊給正在準備結婚的新人們!!

Pauline & On

big day hk testimonials

Jan is a very considerate photographer! His photos are stunning and my families and me enjoyed having Jan and his assistant as our photographer on our wedding day 🙂

Edith & Stephen

big day hk testimonials

喺吳打吳撞嘅情況底下揀咗Jan嘅攝影團隊,之前係唔知道Jan嘅拍攝風格,不過既然妹夫介紹得話係大師,我亦都好放心嘅。不過完全估唔到當播出Photo slide show 嘅時候,我竟然全日都冇喊,但係果一刻我感動到想喊�
多謝Jan同我地影咗咁多靚相,影埋父母嘅甜蜜相真係好有feel �
仲用咗我想揀嘅歌做slide show 嘅背景歌曲,超級感謝你地吖�����值得推薦

Loretta & William

big day hk testimonials

Thanks Jan and his team for his professionalism & especially for his high quality photos even in a tight schedule in my big day .The efficiency for production of slide show which highlighted with those unforgettable moments is very impressed. It makes me feel very enjoyable to have your professional team in my wedding day

Thank you once again!

April & Kurt

big day hk testimonials

Slideshow尤其精彩,真係好特別好有新鮮感,同我响其他婚禮睇到嘅好唔同呀~ 我同老公都覺得好靚好鍾意^^最利害係連老爺都影得好鬼型,個個朋友都勁讚呀!!!真係好開心搵到Jan幫我地影 Big Day,唔該曬 Jan & your teammates =D

Isabel & Andrew

big day hk testimonials

Jan, 前天太感謝你了,婚宴上播放的相和video都很好看,朋友都稱讚你們非常專業,也麻煩幫忙感謝你們的團隊,陪我們幾個瘋婦玩跳水,累你們O T無論如何感謝你們的專業,拍得老爺和爸爸特別的有型!我和Andrew非常感激你們,整個團隊都非常非常正!thanks you very much!