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Regarding wedding photography, I always try to be unique and different. I try to capture the soul of each wedding. The best publicity is the word of mouth of my own clients, many of them end up being great friends. My goal is to narrate your wedding as if it was a beautiful movie.

My style as a professional wedding photographer is based on wedding photo-journalism, natural photography and documentary, mixed with an artistic touch, but above all, my goal is to tell real stories. 90% documentary photography, 10% artistic photography.
I do a limited number of overseas pre-weddings a year, in different corners of the world. The rest of the time I do weddings and pre-wedding in Hong Kong. 

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Wedding day at Intercontinental Hotel

Church ceremony at St.Margaret's

Wedding day at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Outdoor shooting at 1881 Heritage

Wedding day at Intercontinental Hotel

Morning session in big day

Portraits in wedding day at home

Wedding day at The Peninsula & Verandah

Wedding Ceremony at 1881 Heritage

Ceremony at Kowloon Methodist Church, Hong Kong

Ceremony at St.John Cathedral - Wedding day photography in HK

Ceremony at Four Seasons Hotel - Wedding day photography in HK

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